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Update #1

2015-01-27 13:51:59 by PetreskoBG

So I made a new watermark and a new character for myself.The reason I haven't uploaded anything in a while is because university has a tight grip on my free time.My sona took a while to draw,scattered hours from this week.The watermark around 1 hour.
Hopefully I will be able to draw soon,this month has a shit ton of mid-terms...4533869_142238469113_Sona2088888888888815.jpg

I might start making updates as I do on Furaffinity,basically sharing plans on future work,cool stuff/artworks/artists I find,funny videos etc...If there are people who give even the slightest F about that sort of thing I'll start posting sketches in my news feed,scraps,renders and what not.
Every once in a while I like to rant about something and bash stupid people on their bs,but it happens on a rare occasion...
I share stuff from my life from time to time,only if it's important,but I'm not self-obsessed so you won't get shit like "Today I went to [place] and got [thing] and then I went and did [something] "
The question is,should I start making updates or should I not?
I'd like to know what you guys,who follow me,think on the matter.

PS.As a starter,here's a WIPStraight M POV footjob