Making an animation

2015-02-03 21:17:49 by PetreskoBG

I've made animations in the past,in Flash (link to my last one below) ,but now I've possibly found a new technique that will make my work look a lot better and smoother.

This one was made entierly in flash,and as you can see it's really rough.What I'm gonna try now is make an animation entierly assembled in After Effects.I found a nice plugin that might just do wonders for me and I can't wait to try it on my first loop...that...I gotta draw first...
Anyway here's a tease of what I'm doing..Front menu page thingy..

Animation plan:
- Ball licking
- Blowjob
- Sheath play
- Cunnilingus
- Clit sucking (If possible with masturbation)
- (If possible - female orgasm scene)
- Cowgirl position
- Viewpoint 1
- Viewpoint 2
- Cum scene

...of course this is just the plan.How it turns out or wether I'll finish it or not is another question.4533869_142301623783_Front.jpg


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2015-02-03 22:53:13

dude hell yeah! Entry it when it's released and i'll be on the lookout for it (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ