A new animation I'm working on

2015-03-16 18:30:58 by PetreskoBG

After a really tense simulator battle in War Thunder I got a twitch on my left index finger . I don't know why I got inspired to do an animation over that but oh well ... it's happening.
(The previous animation failed .. I need to find a way to rig them PNGs in After Effects .. )

- - -
Health stuff ]] 
My eyes got worse and I'll have to go get them checked . Wearing glasses so farr has only damaged my eyes and I want to try lenses,see if they are any better.4533869_142654482371_Cockpit.jpg


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2015-03-19 03:59:41

gotta luv war thunder <3 and i really hope your eyes get better soon..always sux having eye probs :c

PetreskoBG responds:

Thanks! We'll see if they get better with lenses.If they don't then there is no fixing them.