Registering here was a mistake ...

2015-04-27 05:30:06 by PetreskoBG

I don't know what happened to this website , but the community here has really degraded since I last joined 4-5 years ago . I don't really give a shit about ratings here,I mean I appreciate people who give me genuine ratings,but 50% of the time it's just hate spamming. Again,this doesn't really bother me but it paints me a picture of what's going on.
The "Post a review" feature here should be renamed to "Bitch about something insignificant" because that's what 40% of the reviews are .. Just whiny little shits who got nothing to do with their life,so they come here and bitch about shit that doesn't matter.
Anyway I'm not comfortable with the community here . There are decent people , but it seems that a big chunk of this website has been turned into a hate-breeding pit.

To the 115 people who follow me here,if you wish to keep following me , here are links to my other profiles where I upload eveyrthing . I'm done with this website ...


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2015-04-27 05:36:37

Would you be horrified if I told you that NG is probably calmer and a tinsy-bit more friendly than it used to be compared to several years ago?

PetreskoBG responds:

Definitely doesn't look like it ...


2015-04-27 08:21:44

i agree with lich i came on here 5 years ago and it was very different

PetreskoBG responds:

I guess I was around decent people back then and didn't notice.Either way I think Im done posting here.


2015-04-27 13:17:14

totally agree with you, some people criticize to help out and stuff, but others it's just mean hateful nasty shit and it rerally does. bug me. Normally I just try to keep a leveled head and good attitude whenever I'm on here and 9 times out of 10 the right people seem to find me (thankfully)

PetreskoBG responds:

I can deal with hate , but I can't deal with retardation ...


2015-04-29 00:35:13

:c will totally miss seeing your great stuff on here :c

i hardly go to those other sites myself due to the same reasons you're leaving here x.x well i'll make sure to pop on now and then and check it out.

PetreskoBG responds:

The only thing I'll upload here is the finished arvion-seyloid animation,because I already posted thr WIP.
This website though is not worth it.


2016-01-17 12:41:09

You have to realize that a majority of ng's community consist of children and teens. As a result NG has become a massive circle jerk where most artists create art to appease the masses rather than to improve. If you don't cater to their needs you're most likely to go unnoticed. As I mentioned before, if you cater to the masses you'll never improve. So basically, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

PetreskoBG responds:

Actually I don't give a fuck what lil shitstains want from me on this website.I got over 3,000 watchers/followers on other websites who support what I do so .. I'm just gonna do my own thing . That's why I came back.