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2017-04-01 19:35:12 by PetreskoBG

Here's a few artworks I've done these past few days.
If you're not interested in my seyloid species,you can skip their description and go to the bottom,where I display a nsfw wallpaper,made for a friend.

You may or may not know I like to make my own species and develop them over time through an endless river of .. perverted .. cum-stained,WHATEVER!
I'm currently reworking my seyloid species , which is an alien/mammal/amphibian race.
I have created their home planet and I'm currently working on some anatomy changes,to get them a bit further from the typical anthro body type. 
(Comparisson image to Earth coming soon)
After that I decided to do an x-ray for the lols.This is still subject of change
4533869_149108628231_RENDER-Malexray3.pngI am by no means an anatomy expert so don't expect some high-end detailed anatomy study on them.
What I can tell you is:
- They have two pairs of lungs - one for air and one for water,with flexible floating ribs to support them.
I call them lungs and not gills,despite the slits at the neck from which water enters and the slits in the back - from which it exits,because they work like lungs,only the inside of those lungs is riddled with buds that extract oxigen from water until there's none left.
When underwater the first pair of lungs gets sqeezed in,to make room for water and vise versa.
- They have very strong,thick bones,resilient to hard blows,bites or falls.
- The average male seyloid's height is around 2,4m and the female's - 2,0m
- Seyloids can turn their heads 80 degrees upwards,which reduces the resistance in water when swimming.That also lets water flow right into the slits on their neck,making it easy to breathe.
- Seyloids can live up to 180 human years.They are considered adults at the age of 25-30.
- There are two types of seyloids - Imperials and Outsiders.Imperials live in the seyloid Capital (more on that below) which is a massive city that expands across hundreds of square kilometres.They are interested in technological advances and space exploration.
Outsiders occupy the grounds around the capital.They stick to their inferior methods and live in primitive homes,scattered across the landscape.Outsiders are a lot more spirited folk with a strong connection to their home planet.Very few outsiders would dare venture into space.
- Imperials seyloids live in a colossal city called "Birthplace" in their language.Since their early history seyloids have occupied the grounds of this particular area,after emerging inland from the underwater life.
4533869_149108741573_Seyloidoccupance.png- Seyloids are fascinated by water and perfect shapes.The entire capital revolves around spherical buildings and public filtering pools,in which everyone can take a dive to relax or remove bacterial infections in their water lungs.
Another reason for the public pools is that seyloids aren't quite adapted to life on land.They occupy lands around water sources for a reason.If they do not take a long bath,entirely submurged to fill their lungs,they develop nasty infections and those can cause irreversable wounds.
- Outsiders believe in a diety that curses their crops / fish hunt and the translation from their language would be "Ocean wrath" . It's based on a particular space of water between the two continents that is constantly boiling,due to a crack in the planet's crust (the circular body of water above the one seyloids occupy).
Imperials don't believe in the Ocean's wrath since they know technology has already proven what causes the boiling waters.
- Seyloids are not power-hungry and look after one-another for the most part.They work as a collective,despire the differences between Imperials and Outsiders.Very few seyloids live in isolation or go after their own kind.
- Imperials choose three families that run the capital over the course of  50 human years.After which another three families replace them.
- After a huge boom in seyloid population,the great inland migration and the separation between Imperials and Outsiders seyloids develop trading systems.While they use mainly the bartering system,there is a currency,consisting of precious metals and fuel.The main material flips between Imperials and Outsiders consist of food,herbs and ores in exchange for clothing,housing,tools and medicine.
- Seyloids have established small collonies on planets outside of their solar system,however they are not well adapted and require constant chains of supply vessels to transport goods in and out of the home planet.

Enough rambling about seyloids for now.
Aside from working on seyloids' world I've also been drawing some stuff for friends.One image which you can find in my Art section and another which I will display here:
This is Umbra - a character I made for a friend.
She's a transgendered female bounty hunter that has nymphomaniacal tendencies.
More on the character below.
1920x1080 here :


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2017-04-02 15:19:07

Very interesting stuff, also guessing the species growth has to do with all the cum rivers cx

PetreskoBG responds:

Naturally >_=


2017-04-02 18:35:30

Well either way keep up the great work man cx love your art both nsfw and not XD

PetreskoBG responds:

I appreciate it!


2017-04-02 18:47:16

Oh and question what gave you the idea for this species? Besides the porn implications a course cx

PetreskoBG responds:

6-7 years ago,when I first discovered the furry fandom I was really into experiment nsfw (like Stitch) and wanted to get into drawing myself.
I began drawing experiments and the quality was pretty poor.
After messing with random 3D shapes I made the skull of my first species.I won't get into much detail what they were,because I've erased them and no longer have images of them.I made that experimental species and drew it for a while.Afterwards I accidentally made my 2nd species which I still draw to an extent - Arvions ( .
After those I actually tried to create another species properly and succeeded .. I drew those for some time :
After drawing those for about a year I decided to do something different.I wanted an amphibian species so I started messing with 3d shapes once more.The result was this :

I liked them immediately and decided to develop them even further.I've been constantly updating and drawing them for about 1-2 years.
Recently however I had a meltdown,because I'm mentally unstable.I'm not crazy,I act like a normal human being,but my mood constantly shifts,at some point during the day I could be happy,a few hours later - miserable. I had a very bad meltdown because I couldn't create artworks that would match my ridiculously high expectations and wiped my entire gallery on most websites I had big following.
10 days later I thought it's high time I rework the seyloid species,so I can stray as far from the human body type as possible,without losing the biped structure.That's what I'm doing at the moment and I'm experimenting with anatomy.

TL;DR : I started drawing 4-5 years ago and made experimental species with 3D models until seyloids were created.Now I'm working mainly on those,because I like them most out of all of my creations.


2017-04-02 19:33:21

That's pretty interesting and your art has improved over the years and now I'm very curious as to what your next design well look like when you finally pick a true form then again I may be a bit biased due to me loving dragons and alienish creatures. But over all gotta say your art style is definitely up there on my favorite list and sorry if this is a bit if a mess I'm not good at putting my mind in order for more than a few seconds. But I guess what I'm trying to say is that your an amazing artist and I love the species you've created for quite some time though this is my first time saying anything about it

PetreskoBG responds:

Thank you! I appreciate it!


2017-04-03 00:49:16

i love your species to death <3<3 they're so wonderfully made, i really enjoy your stuff and hope to keep seeing more <3

PetreskoBG responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like my stuff,I'll keep drawing so long as I am able.


2017-04-27 12:41:41

A few things you may want to put attention to:
- Thick strong bones would be an indicator of stronger gravity as compared to Earth. There is a trade off to this:
Stronger gravity would already require stronger muscles, but effectively moving through water would require them to be stronger still, especially if they have to compensate for the heavier bones.
This means they'd need to consume a lot of energy to keep themselves going.
- Being an aquatic species, could could have an extra organ that regulates pressure for the brain and the heart, or their circulatory system in general. This would help them dive pretty deep under water and ascend with some speed without running the risk of air bubbles forming in their blood.
An idea would also be to let their lymphatic system work as something that regulates blood chemistry to support this.
- The pivot point for their neck to be able to turn 80 degrees would require to be right where the neck connects to the skull. If the entire neck turns, their version of the wind pipe could be squeezed, limiting the amount of water flowing into their aquatic lungs and thus stemming their supply of oxygen (assuming that's what they breath).
- Speaking of aquatic lungs. Your description of their aquatic lungs would make them rather... ineffective. On Earth a much more efficient method had already evolved multiple millions of years ago, which we call "book lungs". For a full description of what they are and how they work a quick wiki search will do (can't post links here). They'd also serve as back up lungs for on land, since they can also work in air.

I hope this helps/inspires you to progress on your species ^^

(Updated ) PetreskoBG responds:

This is like balancing Overwatch - I can write stuff about the species and then something somewhere wouldn't make sense and if I correct it another 2 things wont make sense because of the change.
I can only give an answer about the first one - the food they eat is very rich in calcium - mostly fish and fruit.