2017-07-14 21:20:40 by PetreskoBG

Here's an animation WIP for ya ..
Another Xeno thing.

Nothing much's been happening in between my uploads .. it's too hot to do anything - No AC,no fan; just baking in the apartment in the 45 (~120) heat.

I've been looking for a job unsuccessfully so far,in the meantime I'm clearing out commissions and working on random things such as an editable ref for seyloid characters:

Here's another WIP for an image sequence I plan to finish this month: 
4533869_150008151641_FINISHED-Alsius1.pngHow's this a WIP? Well the other 2 pieces are still sketches and I haven't added the FB UI thing as in my previous upload with this ice dragon character.

Not much else to show .. been busy lying around and grinding excellence marks in WoT.


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2017-07-14 22:34:23

Characters for your animations?

PetreskoBG responds:

In the first pic - yes.
I've separated the characters into bodyparts,I need to rig them and animate them.