Toning down on NSFW for the sake of my health.

2017-07-30 16:14:19 by PetreskoBG

It's come to my attention how desensitized I've become to NSFW and how my art has downgraded over the years. When I started doing NSFW,my intention was to keep it erotic/romantic and it spiraled out of control .. hence why there's so much kinky stuff in my gallery now.
I think doing this in general has impacted me negatively and it might be causing me mental/social problems on top of the ones I already have.

For the next couple of months I won't view or draw ANYTHING nsfw,to see if I'll feel better in the end and if I do I'll keep nsfw to a minimum and won't focus on porn at all. I must attempt to rebuild my social life IRL,because it's been in the shitter for way too long and I think porn has been contributing to it consistently over the years.
I know most of you are here for the porn and I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I can't keep doing this.
If I draw NSFW it will be pin-up at best .. at least for some months ..or a year.

I'll focus on developing the seyloid world more than anything else.


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2017-07-30 17:58:12

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